Scott Hogan

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Scott Hogan
Class Year: 1965
Residing In: Bountiful, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: Judy
Occupation: retired
Children: Todd 1972, Danelle 1975, Bradd 1977, Tim 1980
plus 10 granddaughters and 5 grandsons
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Apr 03, 2019 at 8:43 AM
Scott Hogan has left an In Memory comment for Greg Brovold.
Nov 26, 2018 at 5:33 PM

This is for Greg's family. For 7 months of 1965 he and I had a great time. We shared the 'special' Dorm House for ('active' dorm guys from 1964-65) Seniors(5) + Greg (who was new and a Junior).  Mr. O'brien was our 'supervisor' and we were about 1/2 mile away from the high school and the main dorm. We shared the small 4 bedroom dorm and 3-5 hours of  train rides every Friday and Sunday (Seoul -- Taegu). We also shared a love of sports especially basketball!  We both played 4 sports that year (he basketball, wrestling, baseball, and cross country...which he hated but was required for anyone wanting to play B-Ball). 

Basketball was the biggest sport at SAHS then and he and I were both about 6'6" (180lbs for me 230lbs! for him he looked like VIking Warrior) and we both played center.  I thought I was a good athlete  but Greg...whew he would have made college college coaches in  basketball, football, or baseball drool. Coach Dobovsky created a double low post and so there was no competition between us--we dominated inside and loved destroying teams together.  We never lost when we played together and didn't foul out (a problem for both of us). #1 seed in the Annual Far East tourney by overwhelming vote of all the coaches (another story).

But the memories of our team being loose on the streets of Tokyo for 4 days!!  Greg was addicted to Pachinco! we kept losing track of him but just looked for the biggest crowd (the Japanes could not get enough of the blonde giant).   We couldn't lose when both of us were in and not fouled out (a problem for both of us). 

Quickly, we both were trying our for baseball and he was pitching and I was at bat.  I hit at outside ptich 50' in the air right at 2nd.  Greg yelled 'I got it' and ran to 2nd knocking Mel (?) out of the way.  Then he put his glove hand BEHIND his back, turned around and caught the ball from behind!!  I played tennis that spring. No more room and so much to share. 

Just another quicky.  No Dunking in '64-'65 (lew alcindor rule). However both greg and I could dunk with authority (helped me walkon at BYU --- and I am SURE Greg played college ball too!). Dobovsky got mad at dunking and if we did he used to yell and say "for two cents I would kick you off the team".  Two week into the season Greg secretly set me up.  A teammate held coach up in locker room (for two minutes).  Greg told me Coach was still at the Highschool grading papers.  So, a dunk contest!  His 5 best vs mine.  He started and then I did my best one at the time a back-scratcher ending with swinging on the rim.  Coach appeared behind us!  "Hogan, for two cents I'd send you home".   Everything got could hear a penny drop.  and then two did.  Banging on the floor and rolling toward Coach!!  Greg had them in his sock and timed it so perfectly !!  We coudn't stop laughing...even Coach.  If hadn't been so funny I probably wouldn't have played basketball that year.

So many stories but.....  Know this budddy, Hundreds of Utahn and ballers know our tales.  You are remembered.  Rest well my friend...see you soon.   thanks, "Sydney" (an inside joke)

Scott Hogan has a birthday today.
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Scott Hogan has a birthday today.
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Scott Hogan has a birthday today.
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Scott Hogan has a birthday today.
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