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05/27/21 07:36 AM #450    

Lisa Anderson (Hansen) (1979)

Let me know what you find out Carol and I will book at the same place and time

Leslie and Lisa Grant are coming also and researching places for rent, etc.


05/28/21 12:00 PM #451    


Betty Best (Krause) (1974)

I just booked the reunion hotel, by phone, re Vegas next Apr.

06/06/21 01:35 AM #452    

Young Do Kim (1984)

Hello my SAHS brethrens, it's been a while since my last post. I have been busy helping people get their taxes done! I received a phone call from a taxpayer today asking what was the maximum income she needed to earn to maximize her EIC(earned income credit, welfare) for 2021. I asked ,in response, why that was important. She replied, " so that I can quit working when I hit that number". I NEARLY THREW UP!!!! Then, I received another phone call from an Indian student in US on F1 (student visa), receiving unemployment( The state of Texas needs reform) and wanting to file a tax return (with 0 earned income) so that he can receive recovery rebate payments...these pieces of s*** are bilking our treasury. Yet we have thousands of homeless veterans with mental health issues(I am one of them, although I have no need for financial assistance)whose needs are not being addressed.

06/06/21 05:49 PM #453    

Jan Burgess (Bays) (1962)

Hi, this is for Lyn Shaw, who is having a birthday today, I believe.

I've been sorting out my parents' old slides and found this one. I think this is Lyn Shaw on the left ? and that's definitely me on the right.


Jan (Burgess) Bays SAH ' 62

06/07/21 09:07 AM #454    

Sherron "Sam" Dix (Lawson) (1961)

A blast from the past, Jan! You two are adorable. Russell Jenna (61)are you looking? HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYN SHAW from "Sam".

06/07/21 11:23 AM #455    

Lyn Shaw (1962)

Jan and Sam...two such wonderful friends. Thanks so for remembering! I absolutely LOVE the photo. Almost remember the moment; certainly remember the dress:-) Sending great abrazos to you both---(and Russ, if he's looking in!)




06/07/21 10:11 PM #456    

Young Do Kim (1984)

Happy birthday Lyn!!! I absolutely love you Lyn!! Although I do not know you. You are so pura y angelica. Adoramos a ti por ser tan real y amorosa!!! Y esa foto es, la verdad, el maximo!!!

06/07/21 10:37 PM #457    

Young Do Kim (1984)

If you have any lingering tax qts, please let me know. I am here to help.

08/13/21 10:03 AM #458    


Regina Ortenzi (Button) (1967)

To classes 1964-1967 my time at SAHS. Over the years many of you met my husband, Bob Button at reunions, mostly in Washington DC with our little white dog. Well, finally he (retired SGM USArmy) will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetary on Sept 3... if anyone in area would like to attend we meet at admin bldg 2:15 pm for 3pm service. Thank you for our many years of friendship. Regina Ortenzi Button

08/14/21 04:56 PM #459    


Patrick Camblin (1974)

Very sorry for your loss, Regina.  God bless you and your family. 

08/15/21 06:21 PM #460    

Wilma Solomon (1965)

So sorry for your loss of your husband Regina and all that you have gone through this past year and a half or more. We were at the 2015 reunion in Atlanta and it was a treat to get to be  with you and your sister. Take care,  Wilma Solomon '65 

09/03/21 02:20 PM #461    


Chris Russo (1987)

Young Do, personally I don't see any problems in not producing an Elon Musk. I would be more concerned if we produced a John Lee Malvo or a Seung-Hui Cho.  As Hansang Bae said, 'success' could be raising happy, healthy, and well-adjusted children (although it might be interesting to see to see where we are demographically, as compared to the US averages for that graduating year.)  Just developing criteria would be problematic.  My gut says we have performed better, but obviously i'm biased lol



09/04/21 12:44 PM #462    


Reuben Moore (1977)

Young Do Kim - Speaking about the achievements of SAHS alums - A couple of months ago there was a background story on CBS news anchor Nora O'Donnell who it turns out spent some of her youth from age 10 to (left before HS) - her father was an Army officer.

09/04/21 11:07 PM #463    

Young Do Kim (1984)

Hello my fellow SAHS brethrens. It has been a while since my last post and I have decided to post in response to plethora of comments I have received on my recent post.

I guess my recent post regarding SAHS not producing eminence had offended many of my brethrens. But given the talent pool and many outliers we have seen among us during our times at SAHS, I had high expectations. Many SAT math > 750 and verbal >700...

09/05/21 09:10 AM #464    

Young Do Kim (1984)

As I look back on some of missed opportunities in my lifetime, the biggest mistake has to be when I failed to realize the future impact of e-commerce. I was a graduate student getting an MBA in computer information system(CIS) at a school which was ranked #3 in CIS in US per US News at the time, meaning that the courses offered and the faculty were at bleeding edge. One of the required course was e-commerce, which I felt at the time was somewhat useless. This was 1994, 4 years before Jeff Bezos founded Amazon. E-commerce was only a concept at the time and the biggest deterent to growth, acceptance and adoption was encryption..the fear that your personal data will be stolen. I failed to connect the dots and did not seize the opportunity of a lifetime by not venturing online. But I came around and did the next best thing...bought Amazon at 620 in 2015(it was 18 in 1998 before many splits)..took 20 years .idiot!!!

I have been a cryptocurrency skeptic for many years (what is the intrinsic value?) until I began looking into and understanding (clueless still???) blockchain technology. This technology is here to stay (quoting pundits). I have bought Bitcoin up 70%, Ethereum up 80%, Cardano up 200%, Solana up 600% and Polkadot in May, when all crypto crashed nearly 60%.

I have many years of experience investing in stocks and have done pretty well by selecting companies with solid fundamentals, visionary leader, sector leadership, differentiated products or services, barrier to entry, etc..as you all know success in investing in equities is about selecting good companies and holding onto those stocks >5 years.

I am a novice as far as crypto investing is concerned and chose 5 with largest market cap with solid platform and plan to hold onto them for a while. I guess my biggest concern is whether I have chosen the right cryptocurrency. Any insight or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

09/07/21 08:31 PM #465    

Young Do Kim (1984)

I strongly believe "has been" such as Warren Buffet, Charles Munger, George Soros and the like should retire into the sunset and not mislead the investors with their obsolete investment strategy and rusty cerebral cortex.

09/19/21 10:27 PM #466    

Young Do Kim (1984)

My brethrens..class of '84. We will be celebrating our 55th birthday this year. Congrats to those who've come this far!! As we are pushed aside and given subtle hints that we should leave our plush corner offices to make room for the young, energetic and creative, we question our naivete..loyalty to corporate america that took the best that we had to offer and spat us out in our moments of need. I've been there..forced retirement at 47..forced to rethink and restrategize..reinvent to be able to sustain my loved ones. But we are strong!! Reinvent yourselves and be happy!

09/20/21 01:53 PM #467    

Keith Hodges (1967)


My comcast email account was hacked and a fake message was sent with my asking for help (by way of a prepaid credit card.)

Ignore it.

A Reply to ths emainl is unnecessary.

Keith Hodges '87


09/24/21 06:36 AM #468    

Eduardo Julio Spraggon (1968)

Buenos días.

Estoy interesado  en  saber si alguno de ustedes tiene conocimiento de mi compalera de graduación  de 1968  Elizabeth Mitchell que hace muchos años deje de tener noticias de ella.

Me encuentro en Argentina y escribo como analista nacional e Internacional en Facebook.

Muchas gracias a todos por leer este correo. 

Un gran abrazo y Dios los bendiga.

Eduardo Julio Spraggon  ¨Pro 1968 

09/25/21 07:07 AM #469    

Roland Keller (1965)

Given the changes that are in the works at the Yongsan Garrison, I went looking for updates and ran across this website.   It is well worth the share.   Enjoy.  

Yongsan Legacyhttps://yongsanlegacy.org/tag/yongsan-garrison/


1958-59  Seoul Foreign  /  59-61 Seoul American  / 77-78 DMZ  /  88-90 Yongsan USFK-EUSA



09/25/21 08:47 AM #470    


John Studer (1981)

Hello everyone,

Great inspiration from some incredible alumni. Keep it up. I consider myself lucky now so i thought a little message is in order. After many years working in cubicles and offices, in buildings and trucks, in fields and lakes, i am doing what Mr. O'Brien taught us. Art. For over 5 years now, I have reinvigorated my love for creating art. Drawing daily in pencil, pen and ink. I stopped the endless consumerism. I'm getting better at it too. Look at my instagram /messyskech and my patreon /just aspen. Yangsan was a coming of age for me. 1976 to 78. freshman and sophomore. I learned a lot. dreamed a lot.I'd like to apologise for my indescretions during those years. There were two, throwing those fireworks at the whole swimteam in Okinawa and kicking over the toilet which flooded/destroyed the teen scene. Keep reaching for the sky. Harry "John" Studer II

09/25/21 09:53 AM #471    

Young Do Kim (1984)

Hola Eduardo, estoy buscando un companero mio, Michael Williams (generacion '83) pero no tuve suerte tampoco. Pero me di cuenta que algunos de nuestros companeros tampoco quieren saber nada de nosotros. Pero suerte..amo choripan!!!

Escribiendo desde Bajamar, Baja California. Mexico.

10/11/21 11:09 AM #472    


Pete Ramirez (1967)




This is Peter Ramirez Class of 67, I heard about a podcast of SAHS alums and listened in to our buddy, Robert Paul. Wow! I could smell Kimchi in the air while listening to his podcast and am going to H Mart to buy Kalbi to BBQ. please click on https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy82OWE5MWQwYy9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw==







10/11/21 11:13 AM #473    


Pete Ramirez (1967)

Dear Greg and Alums,

I just listened to a half hour on Robert Paul’s podcast. Great Memories. I could smell Kimchi in the air while listening to Robert’s journey.

I am going to our neighborhood H Mart  and eat some Kalbi!

Peter Ramirez

Peter Ramirez
Managing Director
Pacrim Consulting
Diamond Bar, Ca
Email: pacrimpeter41@gmail.com
Cell: 2134402707
Renewable Energy, Trade Finance and Real Estate Financing, Solar Roofs

Begin forwarded message:
From: Eden Cho <echo.eden.cho@gmail.com>
Date: October 11, 2021 at 9:35:54 AM PDT
To: Peter Ramirez <pacrimpeter41@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: SAHS ALUM 1967

Hi Peter, 
Thank you for your email and interest!
You can follow my channel in the following link above. If you have any inconvenience with it please let me know. 
On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 1:12 AM Peter Ramirez <pacrimpeter41@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Eden,
I would like to subscribe to your podcasts . How do I do this? 
I copied My friend Robert Paul FB post and copied our group of the 1960’s.
Let me know how I can help you.
Peter Ramirez class of 1967
From robert paul:
Hello everyone, Yongsan Legacy Podcasts has been conducted interviews with SAHS alumni from the 60s to the 2000s.  A young Korean man, Eden Cho, is producing these podcasts. 
Eden asked if I would post the following message on his behalf to publicize the podcasts and also to invite other SAHS alumni to contact him about doing a podcast.  From my own experience, it was easy to do, and it sure got me thinking fondly about all those days so many years ago.
Eden's request follows:
Personal Email: echo.eden.cho@gmail.com
Hello SAHS Alumni,
Hi, I'm Eden, the producer of the Yongsan Legacy Podcast. Over the past few months I have been interviewing SAHS alumni for Yongsan Legacy Podcast and it, fortunately, got accepted to Apple Podcast and Spotify.  
I appreciate the support of the SAHS community and the podcast wouldn't have been possible without the sincere supports.
I have edited six episodes so far and uploaded them to the channel so please subscribe and watch some episodes in your free time! :)
I lost touch with some who showed their interest in interviewing and contacted me through  Andrew Woodruff. If you haven't received my emails, they are probably lost. If you are still interested, send an email to the address at the top of this notice. I'm also looking forward to new interviewees so feel free to contact me!
Eden Cho

Peter Ramirez 
Long Beach Bacolod Association

Peter Ramirez
Managing Director
Pacrim Consulting
Diamond Bar, Ca
Email: pacrimpeter41@gmail.com
Cell: 2134402707
Renewable Energy, Trade Finance and Real Estate Financing, Solar Roofs


08/08/22 08:11 AM #474    

Keith Hodges (1967)

We are sad to announce the passing of a beloved PE teacher, Mary J. Pardue, who passed Aug 4, 2022.

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