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Welcome to the Seoul American High School Message Forum.

The message forum is an ongoing dialogue between classmates. There are no items, topics, subtopics, tho you may wish to visit our political post preferences at http://www.sahs-reunion.com/Politics-and-the-Forum.htm.

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02/22/23 09:11 AM #498    

Alain McNamara (1965)

Elena:  I am interested in DC Reunion and hope that it will eventually materialize.  Thank you for taking the initiative.  All best, Alain McNamara ('65)

02/25/23 05:04 AM #499    

Laura Schultz (Nix) (1964)

I would be interested in attending the dinner on Saturday.  I leave for Europe on May 1.  How about it Ted Green.  I would love to see you

Laura (Schultz) Nix

Class 1964

03/11/23 06:44 AM #500    

Laura Schultz (Nix) (1964)

My husband Tack and I plan to attend the '60's DC Reunion on April 29 at Mon Ami Gabi in Reston.  I hope to see you there Ted Greene and Jim McDevitt.

Laura Schultz Nix 

Class of 1964

03/16/23 02:37 PM #501    

Keith Hodges (1967)

Attendees as of 3/16/2023:

The following from the SAHS Classes of the 60s have indicated they plan to attend the SAHS DC mini reunion on 29 April. A table for 20 has been booked.

If you are on the list but change your plans, please let Elena know.  elena@elenapehrkon.com 

Tho the RSVP deadline has passed, contact Elena to add you and you may have to sit at one of the smaller tables in the room. Details below.

Elena Pehrkon ‘65

Howard Hodges ‘65

Susan Kraft Weinsheimer ‘62

Kathy Jordan  ‘66

David Jennings (2) ‘68

Edward Green (2) ‘62

Sheila Smith  (2) ‘65

Rudy Skonord  ’64 {Plans on staying at Hyatt House Hotel in Herndon,VA)

Laura Schultz Nix ’64 (2)

Ron Smith ‘63 (2)

Alain McNamara ‘65

Bob Mullins ’63 (2) 

Hopefully Don Ranard ‘63(2)

Maybe Kathy Rusniak Atkins  ‘64     

April 29, 2023 only. Drinks at 5:30. Dinner at 6:00 PM and then come to the host’s house for more memories.

No fee but Elena Pekhron ’65  needs to know if you (and any significant others) are coming even if you have responded earlier. (Negative replies unnecessary.) Call or email her at elena@elenapehrkon.com  703-927-3444.

Festivities begin at Mon Ami Gabi in Reston Va. https://www.monamigabi.com/reston/ 11950 Democracy Dr, Reston, VA 20190. Each pays for their own meal and beverage.

After dinner festivities a few miles away at Elena’s. She will provide address when you call her (safety concern).


(Classes of the 60s’are those who attended SAHS at some point, graduated in ’69 or before but not necessarily from SAHS.)

If you might want to stay over (think designated driver) here are some nearby choices.


Hyatt Regency Reston
1800 Presidents Street Reston, VA
Fairfield Inn and Suites
485 Elden Street, Herndon VA
Springhill Suites
138 Spring Street, Herndon VA




03/18/23 05:22 PM #502    

Stan Lobdell (1977)

Just received word that Tony Gray has passed away.  He will be sorely missed.  He loved SAHS.  He loved Korea.  I miss the nights that Tony, George May, Carl Craven and I used to hang out in Itaewon and tell stories about the times at SAHS.  He was a good man.  May he rest in peace.


03/19/23 08:12 AM #503    

Bill Krause (1973)

Stan, thank you. Sincere condolences. I shared this sad news on our Facebook SAHS site.

03/19/23 09:36 AM #504    

Keith Hodges (1967)

Stan, he passed this year?


03/20/23 09:07 AM #505    

Stan Lobdell (1977)

I'm not positive, but I believe that Tony Gray passed away on March 18, 2023 at Dongsan Hospital in Daegu from cancer.

03/20/23 03:13 PM #506    

Keith Hodges (1967)

I can't post possibilities. It would be helpful if folks would tell me for sure if and when (year) a SAHSian passed.


Keith Hodges, Co-Admin.

03/21/23 08:45 AM #507    

Bill Krause (1973)

Thank you Stan.

05/04/23 06:54 AM #508    

Elena Sharpe (Pehrkon) (1965)

Mini Reunion April 29  60's 


Thank you all for coming to the reunion. The evening could not have gone better. We had thirteen attend and enjoyed every minute. It was good to see old friends and make new ones.  We met in the bar, had drinks and were seated for dinner in a private area of the restaurant. There was such lively conversation at the table. Five of the late party goers continued the evening at my house. More fun reminiscing.

If anyone is interested in holding a mini reunion in their area, I can share my experience in planning the event.




05/05/23 08:24 AM #509    


James Schindler (1964)

To Elana Pehrkon:  CONGRATULATIONS! on what I believe to be a precedent setting event. Even though my wife and I had to absent ourselves I think you really pulled one off. Perhaps the "mini-reunion" may become the standard for the classes of the 1959-1960 era. Good job and kind of you to share your knowledge.

05/05/23 06:02 PM #510    


Kathy Church (Jordan) (1966)

Hi Elana,

Many thanks for the time and effort you gave  in making this reunion evening take place. Looking forward to the next one! Kathy Church Jordan. 

05/07/23 01:21 PM #511    

Alain McNamara (1965)

Thank you, Elena, for all of the work you;ve extended to arrange this wonderful mini-reunion. It was great meeting you and certainly the other alums (and spouses) at the dinner. Warm regards, Alain ('65)

05/08/23 02:59 PM #512    


Jeremiah Forman (1971)

Just curious, regarding SAHS memorabilia. Can one obtain t-shirts or hoodies.

05/09/23 07:57 AM #513    

Todd Himes (1980)

I second that.....would love to get a couple of SAHS Falcon (older logo) T - Shirts from a reliable source,

05/09/23 08:21 AM #514    

Todd Himes (1980)

Mourning the loss of my SAHS Brother David Leiter SAHS Class of 1980. David was a fun loving, positive guy who always made me laugh and feel better about things. That was his gift to those who knew him. RIP 


09/15/23 09:34 AM #515    


Scott Hogan (1965)

I've got the 18 photo albums in 2 big boxes that keith sent me two years (?) ago.  They include many photos from '64,'65,'66 a well as most reunions from '86 thru '98 ?? I enjoyed seeing pics of dorm supervisors and teachers  ... after 20-35 years ... older but much younger than 'we' are now!

Downsizing significantly and these are going with a bunch of other 'Stuff' to our local landfill / recycling collector next week. 

Unless someone really, really wants them (my sisters Sandy '64 and Suzanne '66 have deeclined after careful review).  Please contact ASAP if interested. phone/text 801-244-2220, email fefifofum747@gmail.com.

Yesterday (2 hours out of surgery) I spoke to Lynn after 50+ years).  That was fun and memorable and prompted me to make this contact to you fellow Falcons of the 60's. 

So, my SAHS friends, in our twilight we all have such great memories (for me and the few others expanded by the many hours every week on the Dorm Train!!).  My two years at SAHS were the best an 18 year old could have expected or wanted back in '65.

"live long(er) and prosper!"


SHH --  bountiful, utah September 15, 2023



09/16/23 05:02 PM #516    

Michelle Pell

Hi.  Don't know if anyone has said, but if you have artifacts from SAHS and don't want to keep them, send them here.  They are always asking for contributions.  https://aoshs.org/

This is the official museum/archives for DoDDS schools.


09/16/23 08:13 PM #517    


Sandi Haddock (DeBrand) (1967)

Hi Scott,  If you have any old Dorm or Train pictures taken in Fall of 1963 through Spring 1964 I would really like to have them or at least see them and pass them on to someone else. Please let me know it this would be possible. My phone number is 803-271-5818. Thanks, Sandi Haddock (DeBrand)

09/17/23 04:55 AM #518    


Joe Holcombe (1967)

I have all the T-shirts from our reunions, but no extras. I have all the newspapers from 1963-1966 and they are posted on my web site (Smugmug).

09/17/23 09:00 AM #519    

James (Jim) Faulconer (1965)

Joe, it's probably a sign of my technological incompetence, but wasn't sure where to find your Smugmug website. I went to Smugmug, a photo-sharing Instagram site, but didn't see anything there that linked me to you, and I didn't find your website otherwise. Can you give me some more hints about how to get there? I'm interested in seeing the newspapers. 

Jim Faulconer '65

09/17/23 12:11 PM #520    


Joe Holcombe (1967)


Link to all SAHS  pictures.

09/18/23 10:23 AM #521    

James (Jim) Faulconer (1965)

Thanks, Joe.

09/19/23 01:23 PM #522    


Scott Hogan (1965)

Regarding the 2 boxes of photos. 

Turns out they are available on the internet thanks to Joe Holcombe '67. Plus a ton of others that aren't in the stuff.  His collection is incredibly well organized and includes a bunch of color photos and other photos that aren't in these boxes. It is a good thing too since in these boxes/albums there are no descriptions or titles to any of the pictures.

They are to be found at :


What a great job he has done! 


I hadn't been aware of this until yesterday.  But now all of you who have contacted me by phone, text or email can assess them for anything you are looking for. 

American Overseas School Historical Association (AOSHA) and Youngsan Project included also should consider 

Is is so great to know they are out there in the cloud for anyone ... i hope those interested (or any SAHS alum) will take advantage of his photographic, organizing and documenting skills.

So thanks Joe!!  You are conscientious and way ahead of the curve.

Scott Hogan '65

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