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Politics and the Forum

From Kelly Bonine (Hall) ’89, Administrator.

The forum has recently seen several posts on political and social media topics. I ask that such posts be discontinued and that forum posts be limited and focused on only our SAHS memories, military and overseas Brat life, reunions past and future, and our having lived together in Korea. Newsworthy stories about Korea too would be appropriate. This preference will encourage more posting, and less distraction from why SAHS-Reunion.com exists.

Of course political and social issues are important and if you want to post them, please use social media sites such as FaceBook, twitter and the like.

We are genuinely and legitimately concerned about what is an ever increasing number of acts of anti-Asian violence. This disturbs SAHS Brats, more than many others,  because many of us are Asian, have close Asian friends and classmates, and/or have fond memories of our time in Korea. Those feelings are certainly part of the SAHS experience, but please try to discuss it without politics or political purpose.

If you have concerns this goal is ill-advised, please email my co-administrator keith.hodges@comcast.net Class of ‘67. He will collect comments and report back to us.