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Welcome to the Seoul American High School Alumni website

You do not have to have graduated from SAHS to be included.  Faculty is also welcome!

Incomplete List

If you attended SAHS, but are not on the classmates list (please check first), you can join here.


Planning a Reunion?

Let us help you get the word out!

If you and/or your fellow classmates are planning a reunion, we can help you find willing helpers and assist in getting the word out.  



Farewell, Fellow Falcons

A spotlight on the closing of our school.  Follow the link to read the tribute by by Matt the Military Brat via BLOOM


Are you missing a yearbook?  

Check and see if yours has been digitized and uploaded!

American Overseas Schools Historical Society are the archives for schools overseas for military brats and the like.  They have many SAHS yearbooks digitized and online at our website, not all, but many.  We encourage you to take a look and go through memory lane.  This is very good stuff!


Click below to be taken right to the SAHS Yearbooks



Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


•   Mary McIntyre (Jackson) (1990)  6/19
•   Mae Jones (Kunze) (1990)  6/18
•   Steve Gillen (1980)  6/15
•   Tanya Elliott (Wilson) (1992)  6/15
•   Denise Lemire (Minnick) (1985)  6/14
•   Joseph Halstead (Halstead) (1981)  6/14
•   Maria Heddleson (Blue) (1990)  6/14
•   Cheryl Higbe (Tallyn) (1983)  6/14
•   Collette Yates (Kaplan) (1979)  6/12
•   James Green (1996)  6/4
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•   David Rahenkamp (1978)  1992
•   Leon W. Brashier, Jr.  2005
•   Alexander Oliver  1976
•   Nancy Lee Hill  1992
•   Domenico Calabro  2019
•   Marianne Louise Delia (Sturchio)  2018
•   Terry Best (1969)  2020
•   Alfred Braswell  2018
•   Andrew Gause (1978)  2019
•   John "Jack" Knight (1966)  2019
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