Curtis Herrin

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Curtis Herrin
Class Year: 1966
Residing In: Merritt Island, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Carolyn
Occupation: Retired
Children: Nope
Military Service: USAF Pararescue, Sp Ops  
Yes! Attending Reunion

After school I did a year of this and that then decided to enlist before the Army got me. I went Air Force and did Special Ops, ParaRescue (Google that). One of my fellow PJ's (google that) convinced me to go AF Reserves doing the same job after I finished my four year hitch. So I did and started Pre-med but found out girls were more fun. Sad. That being a dead end road (Not Girls, silly person. Like the song,"If life were a highway, I'd ride it all night long.. Just change a few words.) I was recruited by one of my fellow PJ's in Homestead, Fl. onto the Fire Dept. After 27 1/2 yrs on the Miami Dade FD I retired at the rank of Captain. During my tenure in the FD I returned to school and got an A.S. degree in Nursing. For ten years, in my off time, I was an ICU nurse. Wouldn't you know it. Surrounded by girls. Punish me.
All good things must come to an end, (just a saying) so I got married at 38. The one and only time for me. Still married. Never did the wife enough to have kids, so there you go. I'll have the state care for me when I'm 90+.
Now days I spent my time up here in this small town of Inverness. Kind of country here. Just six minutes outside of town and when the lights go out, it is dark and quite. Until the frogs start up. I spend most of my time now doing Curt things, golf and fishing. The wife; she retired from thirty plus years of nursing and tried sub-teaching. Even though we have two sister-in-laws that teach and seldom a good story. She gave it a try. Only made it two years. Now she has her own stories. Our kids have been dumbed down. Worse than what we were. Or were we?
OK, If I think of more. I'll add that later.
Departed Inverness in 2013. We now have a house on a canal, ocean boat on a lift and six minutes to the locks which send us through Port Canaveral into the big deep blue sea.
In the last six years we have changed everything inside and outside of this house. Only room left is the master bedroom. Then I can retire again. 😂😂

School Story:

I remember going to the movies within the first week I arrived and was scooped up by a couple fellow female students. I was the new kid in town and they wanted to know as much as they could. And I thought I was special! NOT. Oh well.
School was good and I got briefed on all the good teachers and who where hard. The hard list was longer. As you all know, at that age we don't know Jack. There was a project in wood shop I attempted that require a dovetail joint. I got it done but it would have been nice to have some of the tools we have today. It also cured me from wanting to go into the construction business. I found out later it was easier to burn wood than join it.
Sports. Remember now, the staff had to work with what they were sent. I did play, soccer and base ball. I got my letter but had there been more of a pool to chose from... no letter. I may still have it. Pa never bought me a jacket so I might puff up and wear it around town. I don't recall if the school had a golf team but I did get a hole in one on that course by our "condo". I had that trophy for years. Then it fell apart. I didn't start playing golf again until my late forties. Girls again delayed my advances in life. Then I found out they played golf as well.
The teen club. What a nice place for us to go hang out. My misfortune was having a sister who told on me if I acted out. Like the time we raided Dads liquor and then when to the teen club, drunk. OR if I smelled of smoke. OH Yes. I took a puff here and there. Wanted to be a man ya know. Finally got there and gave up the smoking around 21. But I had a go of it.
Girlfriends: You bet. My last love before I left was Diane Lynn Patrick. A missionaries daughter. Enough said. Nice dreams just the same. I left her there and she returned to Texas shortly after. As I understand it, she thought she saw me down town one day and approached the guy. Ended up married to him. Hey, at least he looked like me.
I don't recall if we had a formal drama class but I recall being on stage doing a comedy skit. It had to do with being a brain surgeon. There were a few more. I never did get discovered. That probably had to do with girls as well.
Like most students. I should have taken education more serious.

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