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In Memory

Bob Lowery

Note: Mr. Lowery's "In Memory" entry was originally in the Classmates section. Please go there to leave comments or to read passages from some of his former students and friends.

Just received this morning from Charles Troglen (March 11, 2009):


This is Barbara, Bob's daughter. I just wanted everyone to know that Bob died this morning about 4:30. He wasn't sick, it was just his time. I will let everyone know if there will be some type of memorial but at this time I don't know.

He spent many hours enjoying your emails and friendship. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for him. He holds all of you close to him and always will. Thank you for being a part of his life.

God Bless You,

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12/28/09 12:14 PM #1    

Steven Bright (1988)

Mr. Lowery was always full of energy. I loved his homeroom and one other class. He always was, and will be the energy within us. He always had our interests in mind and was very easy to approach. Always supporting us. He will always be our Mr. Lowery. In memory of Mr. Lowery. We love you man. *Steven*

07/20/10 08:40 AM #2    

Jon Lasher (1990)

Mr.Lowery was the best teacher a student could have.I Remember going to class and him playing DONT WORRY BE HAPPY almost every morning.Or him telling me that i had a snowballs chance in hell of passing his class.Sir i will have you close to my heart,and please know you were like a 2nd father to me in school.I WILL MISS YOU SIR,and i will tip my hat and play DONT WORRY BE HAPPY just for you.LOVE YOU MAN.

10/12/14 12:00 AM #3    

Johnny Jones (1986)

Sorry this post is soooo late, 

Holy shit, you have one of the worst human beings I thought was a best friend, Charlie Troglen, posted up in front in a home page memorial to Mr. Lowery !?!?!?! Not sure where to start.  Bob Lowery is racist fuck. Called my friend Tony Thompson, yes he was in Korera but did not graduate there, a nigger. Really ??? He lived in embassy area. On the other half of the building where Mr. Won taught class at ( I know there has to be a few people that know Mr. Won) was Mr. Lowery.  If you happen to remember that small "building" then I know U know I was ther in SAHS.

I Miss the Dog House runs (sigh).  Anyways...Number two.  Hopefully Charlie Troglen hasnt gotten anyone that read his post believing in his BULLSHIT!!! Me and Don Holman used to be two of his best friends.  He had no qualms about fucking us over after 20+ years of friendship. IF he keeps in touch with anyone here, and if I am not too late, don't trust him. Dont have to believe me. Contact Holman out in Vegas. Sorry about a very negative, acidic post but , seems like I knew these two better than most.

03/24/19 08:27 AM #4    

Charles Troglen (1987)


 You are one of the most illiterate, ill mannered bastards I have had the displeasure of being friends with.

If the gloves must come off, so be it. 

First: Your true colors really showed by putting up such an awful post about Mr. Lowery. That is not how a majority of us felt about him. He was a class act and had always availed himself to us, in and out of school.

Second: When you couldn't hold down a job, played online gaming 24/7, and was partying like you were still a teenager. You became a liability, not a good friend or room-mate. When my personal shit started dissapearing, it was time to break the ties. Who knows what you pawned of mine to make a few dollors like a crack addict fiend.

How much money do you still owe J.R.? In the thousands, so STFU with your nonsense.

I was happy to cut you loose as a friend and brother, because you were nothing like yourself when we were younger. Now if you feel compelled to air your shit out here, I'll roll with the punches. If you would like to finish this conversation, I have no problem putting foot-to-ass!

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