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In Memory

Sheila Goodhue


Tribute to Sheila Goodhue


You had an impact on me and on my life.  As a teacher you took an interest in me and my performance in school though I myself never did.  As a friend you took an interest in me as a person and offered me advice and even camaraderie that extended beyond the educational environment.  You invited myself, my friends and other teachers and staff over for dinner and welcomed warm conversation at any time.  As a connoisseur of art you, when no one else did, took an interest in my most mediocre Batik and even went so far as to purchase them for your son.  You were intelligent, vivacious and brought a deep philosophy into the school experience through your many travels and deep knowledge of your craft.  With fond memories I recall, and all my friends will remember, your Toyota Corolla (a car you affectionately termed “Raffee”) with the steering wheel on the “wrong side”, that you left in my care while you visited the states my last summer in Korea.  Your degree of trust in me and willingness to assist me with my academic hopes and aspirations is something actually that has never left me.  I am now ashamed that it’s not until 2005 I’m even bothering to write this; but I hope, that in some exotic Asian country, extremely further to the East than Korea, you are reading this and know that you did make an impact on me and know too, I have never forgotten your guidance, friendship and trust.


Ms. Goodhue, I thank you for the 2 years of friendship and education that I had the honor of receiving.  I hope your last years were pleasurable and as full as they were when I knew you.  You definitely made an impact on me.


Mark Bond