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10/11/21 11:13 AM #473    


Pete Ramirez (1967)

Dear Greg and Alums,

I just listened to a half hour on Robert Paul’s podcast. Great Memories. I could smell Kimchi in the air while listening to Robert’s journey.

I am going to our neighborhood H Mart  and eat some Kalbi!

Peter Ramirez

Peter Ramirez
Managing Director
Pacrim Consulting
Diamond Bar, Ca
Email: pacrimpeter41@gmail.com
Cell: 2134402707
Renewable Energy, Trade Finance and Real Estate Financing, Solar Roofs

Begin forwarded message:
From: Eden Cho <echo.eden.cho@gmail.com>
Date: October 11, 2021 at 9:35:54 AM PDT
To: Peter Ramirez <pacrimpeter41@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: SAHS ALUM 1967

Hi Peter, 
Thank you for your email and interest!
You can follow my channel in the following link above. If you have any inconvenience with it please let me know. 
On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 1:12 AM Peter Ramirez <pacrimpeter41@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Eden,
I would like to subscribe to your podcasts . How do I do this? 
I copied My friend Robert Paul FB post and copied our group of the 1960’s.
Let me know how I can help you.
Peter Ramirez class of 1967
From robert paul:
Hello everyone, Yongsan Legacy Podcasts has been conducted interviews with SAHS alumni from the 60s to the 2000s.  A young Korean man, Eden Cho, is producing these podcasts. 
Eden asked if I would post the following message on his behalf to publicize the podcasts and also to invite other SAHS alumni to contact him about doing a podcast.  From my own experience, it was easy to do, and it sure got me thinking fondly about all those days so many years ago.
Eden's request follows:
Personal Email: echo.eden.cho@gmail.com
Hello SAHS Alumni,
Hi, I'm Eden, the producer of the Yongsan Legacy Podcast. Over the past few months I have been interviewing SAHS alumni for Yongsan Legacy Podcast and it, fortunately, got accepted to Apple Podcast and Spotify.  
I appreciate the support of the SAHS community and the podcast wouldn't have been possible without the sincere supports.
I have edited six episodes so far and uploaded them to the channel so please subscribe and watch some episodes in your free time! :)
I lost touch with some who showed their interest in interviewing and contacted me through  Andrew Woodruff. If you haven't received my emails, they are probably lost. If you are still interested, send an email to the address at the top of this notice. I'm also looking forward to new interviewees so feel free to contact me!
Eden Cho

Peter Ramirez 
Long Beach Bacolod Association

Peter Ramirez
Managing Director
Pacrim Consulting
Diamond Bar, Ca
Email: pacrimpeter41@gmail.com
Cell: 2134402707
Renewable Energy, Trade Finance and Real Estate Financing, Solar Roofs


08/08/22 08:11 AM #474    

Keith Hodges (1967)

We are sad to announce the passing of a beloved PE teacher, Mary J. Pardue, who passed Aug 4, 2022.

10/09/22 11:49 AM #475    


Pete Ramirez (1967)


Hi this is Peter Ramirez class of 67. Joe Holcomb and I are thinking of a SAHS REUNION in Las Vegas sometime next Spring

Please email me your imterest at pacrimpeter41@gmail.com





10/19/22 11:08 AM #476    


Pete Ramirez (1967)

SAHS Reunion 2023




Get used to different. This reunion will minimize cost and maximize flexibility. Come and stay Monday through Friday.



Arrive. Dinner at 6:00 so we can gather and party together until closing. Individuals gather and plan for their next day. Think of each evening as a hospitality suite. We will decide where to eat the next evening.


Tuesday – Friday



There will not be a reunion fee. You will make your own room reservations. We will eat at a different restaurant every night, pay as you go. There will not be a dinner dance. There will not be a hospitality suite. Dress code is casual.


It will be in Las Vegas, NV in the Spring. Details to follow. 





Peter Ramirez 
Long Beach Bacolod Association

Peter Ramirez
Managing Director
Pacrim Consulting
Diamond Bar, Ca
Email: pacrimpeter41@gmail.com
Cell: 2134402707
Renewable Energy, Trade Finance and Real Estate Financing, Solar Roofs
Member Board of Directors
Community Advisory Council
Los Angeles County Sheriff Dept



Here is the latest non a Spring Reunion in Vegas




10/20/22 07:39 AM #477    

Barth Robinson (1983)

Bring your own name tag:)

10/20/22 10:22 AM #478    

Keith Hodges (1967)

This in reference to posting about a 2023 reuniin by Pete Ramierez. I think he intends a reunion only for the clases of the 60s.
My view:


I have been intimately involved in the execution of several successfully 60s reunions. (Joe has done more than I.)

I think the below plan will NOT work. The original reunion format worked just fine. Not broken, don’t fix.

1. 5 days in Las Vegas, and the weather is brutal even in the spring. Other than visit with other SAHSians, what to do other than gamble, drink, or attend $100 shows?


2. Unless everyone stays for 5 days, how many days do I have to stay to see those I came to see?


3. No hospitality suite?  We have to have our own place to meet, talk, laugh cry, and share stories. How do I hook up with other SAHSians? Call them up? Troll the lobby? If a bunch of us wanna chat, where do we go? My room? Your room? A restaurant. How do we connect to plan dinner or outings. There are hundreds of places to eat in Vegas but none of them will allow staying around forever, switching seats or doing what we could do in a suite.

4. There should be a dinner dance. The dinner is your insurance you saw everyone and got to hug those you needed to.

5. Most of us don’t have regular jobs any more but those that do work M-F.

6. The past plan worked. Arrive Friday (or if you want, earlier). Hospitality suite open Friday evening through Sunday AM. Fee pays for:

*  The suite plus non-alcoholic beverages, finger food, early Sunday continental breakfast.
*  Sat evening meal, sock hop room (if there is a separate charge-depends on venue).

* DJ for sock hop. We have done without but would need a volunteer plus music and equipment.

7. In the several reunions I was intimate with, the reunion fee was never over $100. But, the fee was set artificially low to encourage people to come and then relied on donations at the reunion. Some years, donation plus fees covered expenses. But several years didn’t and I and a few alum paid out of pocket.

If this new plan is to avoid a reunion fee, forget it. You’ll save the fee and have no suite, no dinner, no dinner dance, and a lousy time. You will pay for 4-5 night rooms instead of two and 4 evening meals and lunches. Construct a fee that will cover expenses. It won’t be that much and how many years until we can’t do reunions anymore?

In the past, getting a special rate with the hotel with some guarantees gave us the suite gratis. Joe has always been our hotel negotiator and good at it.

I offer my assistance in doing the following.

A. I can send emails to those on sahs-reunion.com by class year. (For whom is this reunion directed – in the past it have been classes of the 60s only. Lets not send emails to all SAHS alum.

B. I can post a general announcement on the front page of www.sahis-reunion.com and send update emails per Item B above.


If someone will compose a posting for this reunion and then the web page or person to contact for more info, I will post. Please don’t make me write it. It is your post.

Keith Hodges ‘67

10/21/22 08:57 AM #479    

Keith Hodges (1967)

For the 60s, 2023 Reunio, I recommend Chcago and not LV.


I do not recommend LV for the 2023 reunion. Hotel prices can be low, and the airport is convenient. We did LV a few years back. Great hotel but unfortunately off the strip and one had to take a tram from the hotel to the strip.  I was in LV recently and realized how few things there are to do other than look at the hotels, dodge half naked women trying to get $20 to have their picture taken, and gambling.

I push for Chicago and staying on the Miracle Mile, and I would suggest this is a locale where some might want to spend a few extra days.

  • This is NOT the part of Chicago with crime problems. (https://freetoursbyfoot.com/is-chicago-safe-to-visit-for-tourists/)
  • Two airports to choose from, both with metro to where we would stay.
  • Rental car absolutely unnecessary. Great shopping, attractions, and eating within walking distance (or metro bus).
  • World renown and name brand shopping.
  • World’s best pizza.
  • Chock full of attractions. #indicates within walking distance of major hotels or a 5 minute bus ride.
    • Art Institute which rivals the greatest art museums of the world. #
    • Field Museum of Natural History. Fantastic and where Sue, the T-Rex, lives.#
    • Adler Planetarium. #?
    • Shedd Aquarium.#
    • Other museums: google “Chicago museums”
    • Navy Pier – a carnival like atmosphere. #
    • Theater District with plays as good as Broadway.
  • Have you ever seen a professional ball game in person? I did some training in Chicago a while back and had a great outing at Fenway to watch the Cubs. Depending on the season, professional baseball, football, basketball and hockey are also available.


10/21/22 09:03 AM #480    

Todd Himes (1980)

I think Keith nailed the process! While I understand Pete's goal to be flexible, most events that will have a large group of people need some sort of structure, agenda, etc. to move things along....not to mention a central location that provides both reduced block rates and some entertainment within walking distance.

10/21/22 02:36 PM #481    

Anne Scanlan (Wiggins) (1968)

Having been to most of the 60s reunions, I heartily agree with Keith's very articulate and accurate assessment!
Anne Wiggins

10/22/22 04:36 AM #482    


Buddy Wootten (1967)


Keith, Anne and friends from the 60's, I agree with Keith about everything regarding the spring reunion. However, I will go wherever my friends want to gather. My goal would be to catch up and visit with some of oldest friends and the location is not that important for me!




10/23/22 03:16 AM #483    

Keith Hodges (1967)

RE: My post of the other day concerning a reunion that recommended Chicago.

This reunion is still in the development process.

The target years are those that graduated high school in the 60s (whether SAHS or another).

IMO, and as Buddy said, the city where the reunion is held is of the least importance (except as it affects cost). What is crtical, I think, is that there be a hospitality suite, focused period (a weekend) and a dinner dance.

Keith Hodges '67


01/20/23 06:02 AM #484    

Keith Hodges (1967)

In Memoriam: Norma Ramierez ('71) passed away in January 2023. You can leave a rose or memory on the In Memory Page at https://www.sahs-reunion.com/class_profile.cfm?pmember_id=3221705

The full In Memory Page, and how to add the name of a deceased member, is at: https://www.sahs-reunion.com/class_inmemory.cfm


Keith Hodges '67

01/20/23 02:18 PM #485    


James Schindler (1964)

The Classes of the 60s Reunion has been cancelled.

Sad, but appreciative of all the work that was being put into the process.
Thank you. 
Jim Schindler, "Class of  1964"  [Attended 1960-1962]

01/22/23 05:06 AM #486    

Sylvia Washington (Washington-Smith) (1978)

I'm looking for Veronica class of 1980

01/23/23 05:47 AM #487    

Elena Sharpe (Pehrkon) (1965)

Hi All

It is  is sad we can't do a 60's reunion but at this   stage in our lives I can understand  how that isn't happening.     Why don't we do regional reunions? I would love to get together with classmates from the Washington DC area  - Maryland, Virginia and DC,  I feel we can get together for a nice dinner.  I would be willing to organize that.  Let me know who would be interested. 

Elena Pehrkon

01/24/23 04:21 PM #488    

Robert Mullins (1963)

Elena, count Barb and me in for dinner or something else DC local.  Would be great to see everyone!  Moon

01/24/23 07:31 PM #489    


Joan Knight (Russell) (1963)

Hello Class of "63"

I am looking forward to a reunion of Seoul American High School Class of 63..

Thou I am living in CA. I am from Va.  So I am willing to go East for a class '63' reunion.

Carry on..   Joan Knight (Russell)








01/24/23 07:45 PM #490    

Young Do Kim (1984)

Any SAHS alums living in Mexico, please contact me at peteryoungkimcpa@gmail.com. Let us get together for una Pachanga!!! I live  in Baja Norte...en Bajamar!!!


02/14/23 01:59 PM #491    

Elena Sharpe (Pehrkon) (1965)

Hi to everyone that is interested in attending a reunion in the Washington DC area

I have come up with a date of  April 29 Saturday for a dinner.  If people are staying overnight we can also do a breakfast on Sunday  The location will depend on the  number  attending,   spending the night and how many are flying in. 

Please let me know if you are able to come and if that is not a good date what works for you. Let me know by  March 7th. I will confirm with everyone by the end of that week or earlier if I have enough to make a location  decision.  Im open to suggestions 

This is going to be fun .


02/14/23 02:33 PM #492    

Elena Sharpe (Pehrkon) (1965)

The DC reunion is for those that have attended SAHS in the 60's.

02/15/23 08:10 AM #493    

Rudy Skonord (1964)

I'll be there
Rudy Skonord

02/15/23 11:30 AM #494    

Spider Jennings (1968)

I'm interested


02/15/23 01:10 PM #495    

Ted Freeman (1969)

Wish I could attend---in Amsterdam on a cycling trip.

02/15/23 07:21 PM #496    

Jeffrey Sturchio (Sturchio) (1970)

Elena:  Yes, I would be interested in attending.  

Jeff Sturchio

02/16/23 05:56 PM #497    

Tilda Todd (Balsley) (1964)

Skip and I would like to come to DC for the dinner and possible breakfast.  Please email me with details as they evolve.  Esp. help us out to know what hotel might be convenient to the spot we are eating.  tilda.balsley@gmail.com  Tilda Todd Balsley (64)



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